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Support us when you shop this holiday season


We are still accepting Mini-MIte skaters!

Email us at for more details.

Looking for gear? Want to sell some gear?

Looking for gear because your skater has grown?  It happens to all of us!

Check out the Milwaukee Blaze merchandise/gear page.   It's a great place to see if anyone has what you need.

Not a Milwaukee Blaze hockey family?  No problem!  Please feel free to see what's available and contact the seller.

Milwaukee Blaze Hockey

  • Squirt A State Champions
  • Squirt B State Runner Up
  • Squirt A Champs in Middleton
  • 3rd Place Bantams in Onalaska
  • Mites in Stilllwater MN
  • Mites in Stilllwater MN
  • Mini Mites
  • Squirt B 2nd Place Waupaca
  • Squirt A Champions in Waupaca
  • HS Cofrin Cup
  • Bantams
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